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Founder & CEO


Our CEO & Founder


Rooted in the island of Nantucket, a luxury vacation destination island just off the coast of Massachusetts, Founder Renee Perkins, draws from a rich background in her family's boating business and diverse experience in small businesses on the island and Boston. Born and raised on Nantucket, Renee's mission is clear: empower East Coast businesses to thrive. 

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Renee's Story

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Renee recognized the crucial need to support small businesses, leading to the birth of Nantucket Island Marketing. With a deep understanding of the local market and a passion for creativity, Renee aimed to help businesses maximize their potential through strategic marketing efforts. 

Since then, our experienced team has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results and forging lasting partnerships. We pride ourselves on understanding each of your unique goals, crafting tailored strategies that drive success. With over 200 business success stories, NIM has become a trusted ally for businesses across diverse industries. Our commitment to innovation, collaboration and measurable outcomes sets us apart from the competition.


Outside of running Nantucket Island Marketing, Renee serves on several boards including the Alumni Council for Lawrence Academy and as a Next-Gen Board Member for Sustainable Sport Foundation.

Renee in the Press

Our founder, Renee Perkins, has been featured in publications such as Boston’s 25 under 25, as well as local and national news outlets. Beyond press features, Renee is a sought-after speaker and webinar host, generously sharing her expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Get in Touch for Speaking Engagements

Renee is a sought-after speaker, generously sharing her expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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