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5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Generating Leads

For any small business, getting new leads and new customers can be challenging, no matter the industry you are in. Your business could be slowing from a number of different reasons, but if you can't seem to pinpoint why, your website may be to blame. Check out these 5 reasons your website isn’t generating leads.

1.Your site is out of date.

This may seem like an obvious one to some, but many business owners don’t want to take the leap to a new website because they feel as though there will be too much stress involved and it would be way too expensive. Working with someone to build a website can actually be a very simple and easy process, and updated websites can help visitors feel more comfortable, more engaged, and even stay longer on your site!

2. Your SEOs and keywords don’t properly align with your brand.

This can be extremely detrimental to your audience reach when people are searching for keywords to find businesses like yours if your website is not properly labeled. Another effect of this is that your site will appear very low on search lists and the majority of people don’t go looking for sites past the first search page on Google. Being at the top or near the top has never been more important!

3. Your page is hard to navigate.

If your page is too busy and confusing for visitors trying to find the proper information they need, like services, cost, and how to contact or reach you, they likely will try elsewhere. Having the key features on your website clearly labeled and easy to find can go a long way for customer acquisition.

4. Your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

The majority of people looking on social media or on the go are using their smartphones to gather and access information about your business. This means that it is incredibly important to have your site be mobile friendly to have the ultimate success with new visitors.

5. You don’t have a website!

Having people find your business is incredibly difficult when you don’t have a website directing them to your product, restaurant, or services! With extremely competitive markets, if you don’t have a website pulling people in, they are more than likely going to choose one of your competitors. Get that website live and running!

Building or updating simple pieces on your website does not have to be as challenging or as stress-producing as you may think! At least one of these 5 reasons is likely affecting you right now. If you are looking to get up to date with any of these, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team is highly experienced and able to support your demands and answer any questions!


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