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How To Rank #1 On Google Search

Have you ever wondered how to get a higher ranking on Google Search? A high rank has incredible advantages for your business and can help grow your exposure tremendously. When you rank first on Google, it builds credibility for your business, provides a competitive advantage over similar businesses, increases visibility, and will help your business gain new leads and sales.

There are several ways to improve your ranking on Google. We're highlighting the strategies to help drive your Google Search ranking to the top.

Keyword Usage:

Utilizing the most up-to-date search engine optimization practices is key to boosting your ranking on Google. Keyword usage, an important SEO practice, can improve your website's rank. Keywords help search engines identify what your website and content is about. Keywords are the phrases people use when they search for something on Google. When the keywords user's search matches the keywords on your website, your site will be shown in the results. Understanding what your target audience searches for is a successful tool when focusing on keyword usage. If you're able to identify what words and phrases your audience uses to search for a product or service, it will increase the chances of your site showing up on the first-page search results and will convert to traffic and leads.

Update Your Website:

It's so important to update your website in terms of content, functionality, and to ensure it is up to date with the recent plugins and technology. Updating your site can include revising website copy and adding frequent content such as new blogs. If your site is not consistently updated, you may not show up in results as frequently as those who are updating their site. Additionally, if your site is outdated and not enticing enough, visitors may not want to view it or will click off immediately. A website that is interactive, attracts your audience, and leaves visitors wanting more is a great sign. You want to be able to entice your audience with your website. With new content and an appealing aesthetic, the more likely visitors will view your site and regularly come back. Search engines often rank regularly updated sites higher, so an updated website is key for a high search result.

Consistently Update/ Add To Your Google My Business:

Your Google My Business page is one of the first things people look at when they are searching for something. A Google My Business page presents information about your company, where you're located, reviews, and other important information. When you have accurate data about your business, your audience is more likely to click on your page rather than a company that doesn't have a Google My Business or missing information. When you have more traction on your GMB, the higher you can rank.

Use External Links:

In general, you should have links on your website. More specifically, external links can help you reach a high rank on Google. Links direct people on your site to either another page on your website or a completely different site. If you externally link to credible sites that have a high rank that can also improve your credibility and your ranking. External links help search engines understand the quality and functionality of your site. In addition to links on your site, if other sites link to certain pages on your website, that is useful for your rank as well. With more external links on your site and those that link back to yours, the better chance you have of showing up on Google. Use external links to link to important articles about your business or industry!

Website Traffic From Social:

Using social media as a tool to rank higher on Google is another useful tip. Consistent social media posting can increase your visibility, on social platforms and on your website. Consumers who learn about your business through social media are likely to visit your website and share your site or social platforms, thus increasing your website traffic. Additionally, if you share links to your website, that can encourage more visitors. By creating engaging content, it can lead your audience to take action and increase traffic to your site. Google can notice improved website traffic, ultimately increasing your rank.

Paid Advertising:

If you're looking to increase your reach and not solely rely on organic traffic, paid advertising is a great option. With paid ads, you're able to reach a larger audience, and target people that may have never seen your business in the first place. You can also target a niche audience based on various demographics. With paid ads, you're able to reach an audience that is more aligned with your business which can help increase website traffic. Google Ads is an excellent option for paid advertising, especially when ranking first on Google.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you increase your ranking on Google!


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