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How to Have a Successful Holiday Rush

Holiday shopping can be a stressful time for everyone. Many people (us included!) have already begun sourcing out the perfect gifts for loved ones. This year, with no in-person

Black Friday and a larger reliance on online shopping, businesses have to get creative with how to attract customs to their products and online store! We’ve compiled our best tips and tricks on how to stand out this holiday season!

1. Plan Your Posts

This may seem obvious but creating a plan for when you are pushing out content and sales can benefit you tremendously. This keeps you organized and keeps you on top of sales and content going out which will help your engagement and audience reach!

2. Make Your Content Seasonally Focused

Posting summer-themed, warm photos may work when talking about your next vacation, but people want to see that the information and content you are putting out is relevant and recent. Try doing a seasonal and holiday-themed photoshoot to get the ball rolling!

3. Offer Incentive

Many businesses are competing for attention this time of year to get holiday shopping completed. Make sure you are offering gifts, discounts, or other incentives to get people to shop and purchase.

4. Find What Sets You Apart

In markets that are extremely crowded, focus on what sets you apart, and makes you unique to help sell your products or services. Are you exceeding customer service expectations, luxury goods, eco-friendly, women-owned, multi-generational? Show your uniqueness off to the world!

5. Offer The Perfect Holiday Gift

Sometimes your content needs to give your customers a little encouragement and vision. If you have a perfect product for a holiday gift or gift set, make sure to market it as such! When you put the picture in your audience's mind, it is a lot easier to see! Market a few products as a bundle, offer a “Gift For Her/Him” or “Gifts for under $50”.

6.Create a Highlight Tab Showing Off Gift Ideas

Show off the perfect gift ideas through your story highlights! This way people have an easy way to scroll through some great gift ideas and find inspiration through your products. We offer custom highlight icons if you are struggling to find

7. Email Marketing

Reaching out to current and past clients is a great way to boost sales and get your brand at the front of their minds! Getting on a consistent emailing schedule for the holidays will ensure that you are making sales through emails! Just make sure to link your site and contact info for easy access.

Need assistance? We have holiday boost packages available to give you the sales push you need for the seasonal rush! Contact us for more information!


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