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Why Your Small Business Needs to Start Blogging!

Blog posts are a fun and creative way to generate more traffic to your site! Not many people realize the added benefits of having weekly and even monthly blog posts. The statistics relating to blog posts are incredible!

Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than websites without blogs (Source). That can add a lot of viewers to your site!

Here are a few benefits to blogging:

Search Engine Optimization: I'm sure you have heard this tossed around a good amount when you own your own business. Search Engine Optimization helps get more viewers to your site! The more blog posts you have on topics relating to your brand and business, the more potential you have to grab a larger audience to your site.

Develop a relationship with current and new viewers: As viewers find out more about you and your brand, they will reach out and ask questions and even develop a relationship with you!

Be seen as an authority in your niche: Putting out relevant and important content is so important to growing trust and respect with your audience. The more you can teach them and provide value, the more they will look to you for information and your product/services.

Generate leads: The more posts you have out, the more people are going to look to you and potentially use you for business/your products!

Opportunities to share: When you create valuable content for your blog and business, people will want to share it! More shares = more exposure for your business!

Show off your brand: Blogs are a great way to share little known details about you or your brand! How I Got Started, Fun Facts, How Our Product/Service Works, Why You Need X Right Now, etc. There are so many different directions you can go!

Need help coming up with ideas or don’t have the time to blog? We have custom plans available to fit most small business budgets! We do the research and content writing while you watch your site visits grow! Contact us today!


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