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Why Paid Google And Instagram/Facebook Ads Are Essential To Growing Your Business

Paid Advertising is essential to growing your business. It is an incredible way to boost your business and help you grow in numerous ways! It is an incredibly effective method for your business if you're looking to gain exposure, boost reach, and increase sales. If you're just starting out with paid ads, we recommend utilizing Google Ads and Social Ads specifically Instagram and Facebook.

So why should you use Google Ads and Instagram/Facebook Ads? We're breaking down the reasons why paid Google ads and Instagram/Facebook ads are essential to growing your business!

Boosts Website Visits And Builds Brand Awareness:

Paid advertising allows you to reach a larger audience than you would with organic social media. With a larger audience seeing and interacting with your brand, you're building awareness across each ad platform. With Google ads, those who search a certain keyword or phrase would be shown your ad and call to action, increasing the chances of customers purchasing your product or service. When your target audience finds you, they become more aware of your brand. Additionally, with Instagram and Facebook ads, if your ad piques a potential customer's interest they're more likely to engage with the ad, visit your page, and website!

Gain A Competitive Edge:

With Google and Instagram/Facebook ads, there are several ways to go about your ads. You can have a few different campaigns running at once which increases your chances of being noticed and converting your target audience into customers. When you increase the frequency of paid ads, you gain a competitive edge over competitors and other businesses. When utilizing Google ads, your ads will be displayed at the top of searches, increasing your exposure to potential customers. Investing in paid advertising on top of organic social media/ SEO is a great way to outperform similar businesses not committed to Google and social ads.

Several Targeting Options:

Paid advertising allows you to get very specific with who you want to target. You can target audiences specifically by location, careers, interests, age, and more. With a variety of targeting options, you can narrow down your niche and reach potential customers who align with your brand and are more likely to interact and purchase from you. With various target options, you can target those who you believe are most likely to convert and become customers. The ability to specifically target certain groups is extremely beneficial and helps you acquire new leads more efficiently.

Ads Are Measurable:

With paid advertising, you can easily track the success of your campaigns. Google ads and Facebook/Instagram ads provide detailed analytics for each ad including clicks, impressions, conversions, and KPIs. The metrics allow you to understand what is working and what may not work for your ads. The data provided for each campaign can help you optimize campaigns and create successful ads. Paid advertising can help you determine the different ways you can reach new customers and ultimately grow your business.

Ready to start utilizing Google and Instagram/Facebook Ads? Schedule a free consultation with us to get started today!


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