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Why Brand Identity is Vital for Company Growth

You have your own personal brand identity whether or not you are aware of it. When other people think of you, a set of traits, feelings, and symbols come to mind. You might be known for your signature hairstyle or that one necklace you always wear, or perhaps you're known for the visible tattoo on your arm. Likewise, your business needs to have a brand identity that separates it from competitors in the same industry.

It's vital to take the time to create a strong brand identity if one of your business goals this year is to grow your company. Here's why it's important:

Strengthen consumer loyalty

Every business dreams about building an ever-growing list of loyal customers, but long-lasting relationships don't happen unless you develop an authentic brand identity. When your business appeals to customers in just the right way, those same customers will return time and time again to support your business. One way to do this is by establishing a brand personality and focusing on honing in on your social media marketing, product packaging, visual branding, tone of voice, etc. Consumers stay loyal when they connect with your brand and have positive experiences with it.

Stand out in the market

The best way to be top of mind for consumers is to focus on solidifying a brand identity that is recognizable and differentiates you from others in the marketplace. When your brand has a set of symbols (logo, tagline, slogan, color palette, etc.) and has a set of values that resonate with your target market, you become a standout business in your industry. Don't get lost in the sea of brands that are anything but noteworthy. Put time into developing your brand identity so your business has the biggest slice of market share.

Communicate business stability

When your brand identity communicates what its competitive advantage is through clear messaging and distinct images, you're also reenforcing the stability of your business. No one wants to buy from or interact with a brand that seems wishy-washy about what they're selling or promoting. Customers and clients want to feel secure about the purchases they make or services they receive. Having a brand identity that portrays solid positioning and a very transparent mission is key in protecting your reputation as a business.

Showcase your values and core mission

Let's take a brief deep-dive into Poppi. Right off the bat when viewing their website, you're able to gather that this brand values gut health and using real ingredients. They advertise the benefits of their carbonated drinks and make it known to their customers that their core mission is to, "[make] it fun and easy to get the prebiotics your body needs and boost your immunity at the source". Poppi also very clearly communicates its vibrant, cheerful, vivacious, fun personality. This helps highlight their values of taking the stress and aggravation out of gut health.

Establish congruency across platforms

When creating a presence for your business on platforms, such as: social media, your company website, landing pages, and blog, it's important to establish congruency. That means font, color schemes, messaging, tone of voice, and all other branding elements are the same across every platform your business utilizes. Consistency in your marketing and branding material communicates to consumers that you're reputable, trustworthy, and laser-focused on what you're offering.

Build a culture you're proud of

Last but not least, brand identity starts and ends with the company culture you cultivate over time. A spike in revenue, profits, and market share are only possible given the team behind the product or service is just as taken care of as the customers you're serving. Brand reputation is not only something your target audience is considered with— truth be told, company culture is telling insight into how much your business is predicted to grow and what direction you're headed in. Be sure to build a culture from the inside out and create an environment all stakeholders are proud to be a part of.

Building a brand identity may seem overwhelming and daunting, but luckily, we're pros at it! If you're looking for a fully stacked marketing team to help your business solidify a strong brand identity, reach out to us for a free consultation today!


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