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March Small Business Feature: Martha's Vineyard Coffee Company

Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Coffee Company is a small batch specialty coffee roasting company providing locally sourced and quality coffee. They are located on Martha's Vineyard where you can find their coffee at multiple locations!

Tell Us About Your Business:

We are a small batch coffee roasting company located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. We have a commitment to sourcing only the finest specialty grade coffee. Our goal is to develop personal relationships with coffee farmers and source directly from origin countries. This is important because it allows us to see first hand how the coffee is grown, and who produces it. We choose to work with coffee farms that are committed to environmentally sustainable practices and invested in the livelihood of their community. You will see coffee farm and producer names featured on our labels. This is an effort to be transparent and to highlight the essential role they play in the coffee industry.

How Did Your Business Get Started?:

My love for coffee began when I was an Anthropology student in University. Back in those days coffee was a means to keep me going through long days of classes and course work. Later on, I took a part time job as a barista and began understanding the delicacy and detail that goes into a great cup of coffee. Toward the end of my studies I started spending time in Costa Rica, where some of the best coffee in the world is grown. In Costa Rica, coffee is woven into the daily life in a way that brings family and friends together, it’s about enjoyment and less so about getting caffeinated. I want to bring this sense of enjoyment to the island community where I was fortunate enough to grow up. The quality of life here on the Vineyard is hard to beat. The coffee experience should be no exception.

Tell Us About A Recent Accomplishment In Your Business:

We love to collaborate with artists and other local vendors on Martha’s Vineyard. Since launching the company back in September, we have collaborated with Rachael Cassiani (local artist) Merry Road Farm Pottery, Salt Rock Chocolate, and Art Cliff Diner. We are thrilled to continue to build relationsips through creative collaborations. We are proud to have our coffee available in 12 different locations on Martha’s Vineyard. Go to for more info!

What Are Your Favorite Products or Services That You Currently Sell?:

The great thing about being a small batch coffee roaster is that we get to source only our very favorite coffees! We try a wide variety of coffees from around the world so the ones we select are of the highest quality. Currently we offer single origin coffees from Guatemala, Brazil and a Colombian Decaf. The single origins are roasted as a medium roast profile to highlight the inherent flavors the beans have to offer. In addition to those we have an espresso and an “Island Blend” dark roast.

What Advice Do You Have For Someone In The Beginning States Of Owning A Business?:

If I could give any advice to someone starting a small business, it would be to be persistent. Things may come up that cause moments of doubt or hardship, but it is important to overcome these obstacles and stay true to your vision.

If There Is A Question That You Wish Was Asked, Please Ask The Question And Answer It Below:

People must ask where their coffee comes from. By asking this question and supporting ethically sourced coffee, we can truly improve the quality of peoples lives.


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