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June Small Business Feature: Leni Boutique

Ipswich, MA

Tell Us About Your Business:

Leni Boutique is a sister-owned Online Woman's Clothing Boutique. When we were in the process of starting our small business we wanted a name that had meaning to us behind it. Our grandfather, who we lost in 2018 was named Leonard. Everyone knew him as Lenny. With our own little twist on the spelling to make it chic we came up with Leni. Our goal from the start has been to deliver our customers the latest fashion and we strive to bring pieces from loungewear to rompers, dresses, and outerwear at an affordable price. As we continue to grow you can look forward to seeing more accessories, shoes, and denim. We carry clothing that all age groups can find something they love and can feel comfortable and confident wearing. All though we are based online you can find us popping up at different locations around the North Shore. We have a rack of clothes to shop at Beautify Makeup Boutique and Spa in Ipswich, MA and Stone and Ivy Salon in Quincy, MA. We have some exciting pop-ups for the month of June that you can find out more information about on our Instagram Page!

How Did Your Business Get Started?:

Leni Boutique got started as an idea in 2020. Owning a clothing store has always been a dream of ours and as a result of Covid and being home and in lockdown, we decided to take the leap. After months of learning and researching how to open a small business, Leni Boutique officially launched in January of 2021.

Tell Us About A Recent Accomplishment In Your Business:

A recent accomplishment for our business has been making connections with different Salons and Spas to showcase our clothing and allowing customers to be able to shop our clothing in person! We have a couple more Salons where our clothes will be showcased in and we can’t wait to share more details!

What Are Your Favorite Products or Services That You Currently Sell?:

A few of our favorite pieces in our online shop right now are our Save the Date Jumpsuit, Sage Knit Lounge Set, and our Sunny Days Romper.

What Advice Do You Have For Someone In The Beginning States Of Owning A Business?:

Advice for someone in the beginning stages of owning a small business is once you have your business plan, write down weekly and monthly goals to keep you on track and motivated. There will be slow and hard months. Finding your niche and staying consistent on social media and utilizing all platforms with help you grow quickly and organically.


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