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How To Elevate Your Social Channels: 5 easy steps

Social media is ever changing in today's world. It can be difficult to know how to continuously improve your channels. If you're looking to stand out and elevate your social channels, follow these 5 easy steps!

Update Your Bio And Highlights:

Updating your bio is important so your audience can recognize your brand and get to know you more! We recommend updating your profile photo to your logo. This way followers can easily identify you. Your bio should also define who you are, what you do, how you can help your audience, and how they can get in touch with you!

In addition to an updated bio, adding highlights with corresponding covers are a great way to show your audience more about your business. You can determine which highlights will be beneficial to your business, whether that be a meet the team story, behind-the-scenes, tips and tricks, projects, etc. Utilizing the highlights on your social channels and updating them regularly will help you connect with your audience, stay consistent, and show new followers more about who you are!

Utilize Graphics Through Canva:

Adding graphics to your feed can create a whole new look for your social channels. Using templates from Canva is a simple and effective way to create a new look on your feed. Graphics allow you to share information, testimonials, events, and other news on your feed in a completely different way. They add a unique touch to your feed where you can utilize both photos and graphics to stand out amongst competitors.

Hire A Photographer:

Hire a photographer for new and fresh content! Content photography is an extremely important aspect of having engaging content to share with your followers. A photographer will work with you and your products to show them off in new and interesting ways. Content photography is also great if you have a new product or person to show off! We recommend working with a photographer at least quarterly.

Create A List Of Hashtags:

Utilizing hashtags on social posts is a way to expand your reach and attract new audiences. We recommend putting together a list of around 80 hashtags to get you started. Use a mix of broad hashtags (that have a million or more followers) as well as a list of more niche hashtags (that have a few thousand followers) in every post. Incorporating hashtags into your social posts will help you be more discoverable on social!

Follow Accounts In Your Network:

Following businesses in your network is important for your brand because you can connect with new faces, gain more exposure, and learn from others! It also allows you to show support for other businesses. You can follow local businesses in your area, your chamber of commerce, ideal clientele, and some competitors! A well rounded following can help you grow your page and boost engagement!

Want to learn more about how you can elevate your social channels? Schedule a free consultation with us today!


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