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How To Start Email Marketing For Your Business (Easy Guide)

We've been getting a lot of messages about people wanting to start email marketing for their business but not knowing where to begin. Let us break it down for you!

1. Start collecting emails

There are many different ways to collect emails and you don't need hundreds of emails to begin email marketing! Put an email subscriber form on your website and collect emails from people who purchase your products or services.

Bonus tip: Offer some sort of incentive to sign up! Free consultation or a discount off of your store. This makes giving up your email appealing to your audience!

2. Find an email marketing platform to use

There are many free options available when you are first starting out for email platforms. We recommend using Mailchimp (, it is very user friendly and easy to navigate!

3. Create your first email

This may seem daunting but getting your first email out will make the rest a lot easier. Don't know what to focus on? Use email marketing as a place to update your audience on what's happening at your store or business! Are you offering a promotion? Have you recently updated your website? Have you launched a new product or service?

4. Schedule your email or hit send

We recommend sending out an email blast at least once a month to start! Make sure you are offering valuable content in each email and not just sending one off to check it off the list, as you may get people hitting the "unsubscribe" button. Time of day and day of the week is important as well. You want to get it out when people are going to be most active on their phones or computers.

Pro tip: Try mid-week around lunchtime!


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