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How To Be Authentic And Grow Your Business In A Competitive Or Overcrowded Market

In today's world, there are most likely dozens of similar businesses to yours. From fashion boutiques to real estate agents, those that have similar services or products can find it difficult to grow in the overcrowded market they're in. This is something many businesses struggle with. Today it can be quite simple to start a business, but with more and more businesses coming to life, it may be hard to find your niche in an overcrowded market.

We're breaking down the ways you can be authentic and thrive in a jam-packed business space.

Show Your Personality: It's so important to show your audience who you are. We talk about this a lot with the businesses we work with, especially our Real Estate Agents. Sometimes, it is hard to show personality in the industry you are in and it is hard to be creative because there is a limit on what you can do. Use your unique interests and passions to your advantage and talk about them, write about them (blog!), and partner/ support organizations that support the same mission to help grow your network. You can show your true self through different platforms such as your social media and website. You can get personal with your audience through an "about me" page or by sharing fun facts! By being yourself and showing your personality, your community will be able to connect with you and trust you easily.

Build Relationships: Building relationships should be a primary focus and be prioritized over leads. Building relationships that are quality and long-lasting are what actually helps you grow your customers/clients. Engaging and communicating with your audience through email blasts, social media, asking for feedback, etc, can help cultivate these relationships. Facebook groups are another way to foster connections with individuals. You can join any type of group aligning with your personal interests. Connect on a level more than just what you sell/do. It's a great way to get to know people. It's about you as an individual and not solely focused on your business. Meeting people in a different setting will allow you to introduce yourself, network, and can lead to more growth for your business.

Share Your Knowledge: Sharing your industry expertise allows your target audience to learn from you, trust you and build credibility. They want to see you as the authority in your space. Rather than sharing content that constantly promotes your products or services, share content that educates, inspires, and engages your audience. This will set you apart from your competitors. An overwhelming amount of content today focuses solely on generating leads and trying to make a sale. When you provide insightful content you can engage with your audience and in turn surpass your competitors and grow in the overcrowded market because you're again working to build relationships. Producing this type of content where you share your knowledge is super helpful to your audience and does not go unnoticed.

Focus On Your Difference: If you want to grow in a competitive market, you need to find what makes you different and what sets you apart from your competitors. Ask yourself what is the one thing that makes you unique. It can be anything big or small. It can take a while to find but once you find it, that difference can really help and it should play a vital part in your business. A great way to figure this out is by studying competitors. You can read reviews, visit their website, check their social media, whatever it may be, consider how they're different from you and focus on how you're services or products offer something no one else does. It is also important to study your company and the reviews you've received. Read between the lines, your difference may be front and center. No matter what your difference is, it makes you unique. You will stand out and be able to show your target audience what makes your business better than your competitors.

Need help differentiating yourself and growing in an overly competitive market? Reach out to our team of experts today and schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you!


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