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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore TikTok as a Business Owner

Everyone has heard the nonstop buzz surrounding the relatively new marketing platform TikTok. If you haven’t, TikTok is an online social media platform where users can post short videos and share them with the world. While it may seem like just another platform to waste time on with no use to you, this couldn’t be further from the truth as a business owner. We’re sharing 5 reasons you shouldn’t ignore TikTok as a business owner.

1. There’s a big audience to grasp

According to Oberlo, TikTok has over 800 million active users worldwide and 1.5 billion downloads. These numbers are continuously growing. This is one of the most downloaded apps since Instagram and Facebook, meaning this app is no joke and it is likely not going anywhere anytime soon!

2. It Is a Great Tool For You to Show Off Your Product or Service.

If you have a great product or idea (which we’re sure you do!) this is the perfect place to show it off and get exposure. Through posting videos on the app, you have the potential to reach millions!

3. It Helps Your Consumers Get to Know You and Your Brand.

It is not an accident that some of the most successful people in the world are actively showing their face on their social media accounts. We understand that it is a scary thing to do, but it helps your audience connect with you and get to know you, which in turn translates into a higher sense of brand loyalty.

4. It’s a Place to Market Towards Younger Generations

If your business is looking for a way to target younger audiences, this app is the key. 41% of users on the app are aged 16-24 (Globalwebindex). This is an incredibly useful tool to be able to reach an audience like this and connect with them on their level.

5. It Will Help Your Brand Stay Relevant

If you’re not evolving your business with the generations and times because you don’t see an importance, you’re falling behind! It is so important to have an evolving brand rather than a stagnant one because you eventually will face the point where you’re too far behind to keep up with trends and keep up with consumer activity.

Before you write off new social media as more distractions, think of each new app as an opportunity to share your brand and business with people to get more exposure! If you don’t know where to begin when creating a TikTok or need help, we are your experts!


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