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 Lee Real Estate has been a leader in marketing expertise for homeowners wishing to sell their properties and clients looking to rent or purchase their Nantucket home. The local market knowledge, experience and dedication to its clients are what sets Lee Real Estate apart.

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Nantucket Island Marketing partnered with Lee Real Estate in February 2023 to streamline their marketing efforts, allowing their team to concentrate more on core responsibilities. The collaboration aimed at enhancing consistency, time management for new listings, and increasing awareness and engagement to elevate the experience for clients exploring the Nantucket real estate market. This approach resulted in amplified brand recognition, improved engagement, and an enhanced overall experience for clients navigating the competitive Nantucket real estate landscape.

Calm Waters



Impressions in 8 months (IG)


Impressions (Paid Ads/Google)


Increase in CTR Since March 2023



Increase in Email Open Rate


“We could not ask for a better agency to work with than Nantucket Island Marketing. Their expertise in all things digital marketing — from social media, to email, and even PR — has been extremely vital in helping our company exceed our goals this year. With their founder having been born and raised on the island and their team having a lot of local Nantucket knowledge, while also having offices and team members local to Boston, their agency offers the "best of both worlds" for our company to be able to reach wider markets and advertise beyond Nantucket. The NIM team works together seamlessly and takes an “all hands on deck” approach whenever we come to them with a new challenge, easing our stress while offering incredible solutions.


Working with Marley, Lily, and Renee has been an absolute pleasure. Their ability to understand what we’re looking for and execute those ideas is priceless in our eyes. Our company has hit a few major milestones in the last couple of months, and the NIM team helped support us every step of the way. All in all, I would highly recommend Nantucket Island Marketing for any and all of your digital marketing needs. They truly go the extra mile!”

Kiri McPoland

Lee Real Estate

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